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This company has nothing to do with the original EONtronics Corp

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Driver sites I found.  Some of the links go back to which we know are bad, so skip those. 24-Feb-02 S3 drivers and others 25-Feb-02

Card Chip Set Link to Chip Set maker
Picasso Intel I740 Intel
Da Vinci S3 Virge DX/VX  
Michelangelo S3 Trio 3D/2D  
Lillith Banshee 3dfx Voodoo Banshee Voodo Files
Renoir Ark Logic 64 Ark Logic

If you are looking for drivers for their cards, look on the video card and see what video chip manufacture is.  It would be the biggest chip on the board.  Most manufactures have generic drivers.  But the most up to date driver maybe a few years old.  When they stop making the chip they stop making the drivers.

    The only driver I have is for the Michelangelo (DP114) Version 1.7 for win95/98 and NT4.   I got it in Jun 1999 (750kb)

updated: March 18, 2007